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Monday, May 22, 2006

Karl Rove Indicted

Well, no, not really, as we all know at this stage.

The best response to Jason Leopold's original story and subsquent non-retraction (we erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle) is the most predictable, really.
Jonah Goldberg at The Corner
At about 11:15 this morning I thanked her for a fabulus dinner. When she looked at me funny, I simply explained I was out in front of the news cycle. By 1:00 PM I was already quite cross about my three year-old daughter's not taking her studies in college seriously

Goldberg links to Protein Wisdom who describes Leopold's reporting as - "advancing the Rove indictment story, which Truthout reported on in a way that has (to date) refused to correspond with either a) their enthusiasm for said indictment, or b) any ostensible connection to reality.
But—because there is always still the chance Rove will be indicted— Truthout reserves the right to re-claim the scoop, even if they miss the date by, oh, say, months."

Protein Wisdom offers complicated reportage on Carmen Electra's ultimate demise involving nipple rings and homemade raspberry scones.

Any takers for Irish before-the-news-cycle-reportage?
While I accept that "FF out of goverment" maybe a runner, "Enda Kenny is now Taoiseach" is going too far, even for non-traditional manipulation of time, space and the news cycle continium.

Update - United Irelander reports on a press release from Minister O'Donoghue congratulating Brian Kennedy on winning the Eurovision.
While that's definitely ahead of the news cycle, I don't think it qualifies as an example becuase truthout used the line in the hope that their story will someday be true. Brian Kennedy's innate musical ability, or lack thereof, ensures that a Eurovision win will never be on the news cycle.


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