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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bon Jovi to become the UN and Richie Sambora to take over

I wish.
The highlight of last night’s Croke Park gig was Richie Sambora’s solo version of “I’d Die for You”.
Not being a Bon Jovi fan at all at all, until last night I always thought Sambora was a mildly unattractive and rather good guitar player. After seeing pictures of him on the beach with Charlie Sheen’s wife Denise Richards last week, I revised that impression to “rather unattractive and mildly good guitar player”.
Now I’m on the brink of organising an internal Bon Jovi shake up. Let Jon and his nice teeth show his dancing skills to one side and the keyboard player shake his golden curls as if he was in a Pantene ad – but bring Richie forward, give him a mic (and a haircut and maybe a mask like those Finnish guys at Eurovision) and let him entertain us.
It’d be better than Jon Bon Jovi’s profoundly astute theological and political insights – that God is a woman and the UN should move home to a Bon Jovi concert.
Actually, given the UN’s appalling record in recent times, they might learn something from such classics as “Bad Medicine” (oil for food scandal?); “Wanted Dead or Alive” (oppressive dictators?) and “It’s My Life” (the US response to International Courts).
The Heritage Foundation has a new Progress Report on UN reform that’s worth a read.



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