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Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Broken Social Scenery

Like some other bloggers, I spent last night in Vicar Street at the Broken Social Scene gig.
For the BSS fans out there this might border on heresy - I barely enjoyed the gig. It could have been that I was jetlagged and hadn’t slept in ages and was standing in the back being rugby tackled by every rude BSS fan who seemed determined to leave a little bit of their pint on me.
Bitterness at the tiny woman beside me who kept whacking me and screaming into my ear aside, it wasn’t that great a gig. Perhaps if I had listened to BSS in the last 2 months I might have appreciated them a little more but I didn’t. Listening to the albums again this afternoon (after an impressive 17 hours non-stop sleep) I still like them a lot.
I brought 2 friends along – they said “I like songs” and “I like melodies” respectively and found BSS deficient in both. I didn’t, but wasn’t overly impressed.
I was amazed at the amount of tall guys at the gig. Where do these guys hang out when Broken Social Scene is not in town soliciting 300 people massages?

Related musical notes – have gotten a free ticket to Bon Jovi in Croke Park tomorrow which should be fun, I suppose.  

Album of the week goes to Shooter Jennings’ new one – “Electric Rodeo”.  (mp3 here)
His first one “Put the O Back in to Country” was a little hit and miss, but this is hard and solid.
I’m loving his Southern/country rock and have a tremendous urge to tie my blouse tails under my chest and hit a honky tonk a la “Some Rowdy Women”.
Despite my outer conservative appearance (and inner conservative thoughts), I’m a sucker for cigarette smoking, long haired, funky sun glasses wearing, guitar playing country singers with upside down American flags in their liner notes. This album inspires me to get to a greasy bar stool in Carolina with a large bottle of Jack Daniels before driving away in a beat up pick up truck with Shooter beside me and playing loud on the stereo. “You can’t see the tears behind my aviators” and his heartfelt admissions of caninicide – I’m in love. Or lyrical lust or something.
My holidays are over, so I’ll have to settle for the next best thing.
Men of the Red Cow Inn watch out


Blogger Dealga said...

I loved their gig earlier this year in TBMC, but wasn't able to go this weekend. I admit, though, that some of their more sprawling songs annoy the punk in me!

You're right about the tall blokes - I always, without fail, manage to get one (complete with big mop of hair or something) right in front of me and I'm 5' 11''!

The worst was Arcade Fire at last year's EP, I think, there was a bloke in front of me wearing a big Indian headdress and wouldn't take it off!

May 22, 2006 11:59 a.m.  
Blogger Linus said...

Speaking as a tall gentleman, I take offence. What's worse is position shifters. If you find a place where you can see past people, that's good. If however, they start SWINGING their FUCKING dreadlocks all over the place, and SPILLING BEER, then that's not quite as enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the gig apart from the dreadlocked dude who danced too energetically and spilled beer on me. A pox on him

May 23, 2006 2:33 p.m.  

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