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Monday, May 29, 2006

GROLIES? or SIROLIES? Which one are YOU?

This is the sort of thing that has me tossing and turning at night, punching pillows and counting sheep.
Thankfully my sleep tonight will be blissful, oiled by the conclusion that I am neither.
GROLIES was introduced to me by Dr Phil Hammond on tonight's repeat of last weekend's Have I Got News for You.
He first heard it from a medical guy (otherwise known as a doctor, but because I'm still I'm on holidays, I shall not refer to him as such) who used it in relation to the sort of people who partake in alternative therapies.
It stands for Guardian Readers Of Limited Intelligience in Ethnic Skirts.
SIROLIES is my version for people who read the Sunday Independent. But off the top of my head the only SIROLIES I can identify now are the blondes who write for the Sunday Independent, Siobhan O'Connor in particular. Perhaps her skirt is not so much ethnic as epigrammatic.


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