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Friday, November 04, 2005

Blogging again

I've decided to start blogging again. Not that I really think that many people are interested! I've probably lost my tiny readership with my hiatus.
I'm not the only Irish blogger on a break - Atlantic Commentator, alt-tag and Richard Delevan are pretty quiet these days and even the formerly hopping Freedom Institute seem tame.
I'm blogging mainly becuase I'm bored studying for my finals. What is it with studying and blogging? Why does the first inspire the second?
I gave up after June simply because I was down the country in a broadband free zone with a useless eircom landline connection. My whole town were told by eircom that their modems were broken and then eircom finally figured that it was their own fault that no one could connect - and still haven't fixed it!
I was quite surprised how quickly the summer months flew by when I was only living on a daily ration of the front page of National Review and maybe the Corner if the connection lasted that long. So I read lots of books and listened to loads of CDs.
Back in Dublin I resolved to turn anew to my studies. Which worked for about 37 minutes. Followed by a return to checking my daily top 10 sites and blogs.
And on the rainy afternoon after my first written paper of my finals, I've decided to start again.
So watch this space. I'm back.

P.S. The comments seem to have been taken over by random spammers - will be back soon.


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