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Friday, June 24, 2005

Who's Gonna to Ride your Wild Horses...

More to the point,who's gonna to do my study for me???
Just talked to my so-called friends (aka U2 lunatics) and we are meeting at 12.30 (yes, 12.30 for U2 concert that starts at around 8.30). They are so determined to get into the pit it's madness at this stage. Will have to eat my dinner now as I won't be able to eat later on (the old d'unbelievables joke rings true at the moment - have yer dinner in the morning for a clear run of the day) Will have to do the stereotypical Croke Park lunchbox with a flask of tae and some hang sangides (that's how we say it in Longford - not great on the ol' phonetic spelling)
I don't know what other Irish bloggers are doing about queues but this better be good. I hate queues but don't want to be a loner half way down the pitch.
Anyway - I'll be easy to recognise - I'll be the medical student who's sitting part of her finals in a few days in the queue with the load of books under her arm, her glasses shoved crookedly up her nose with a flask of tea dripping out of my bag, ranting on about differential diagnosis of leukocaria surrounded by a group of people very obviously pretending they've never seen her before in their lives.


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