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Thursday, June 23, 2005


It's just been one of those days - tried to study ENT (ears, nose and throat); ophthamology (eyes) and obs and gynae (babies and the birds and the bees) and failed on all fronts. Probably something to do with the fact that I'm playing my U2 Slane DVD
on loop supplementing it occasionally with the neccessary additions from the current tour.
I just want the concerts to be over at this stage so I can listen to U2 without a big dirty cloud of guilt hovering over me ever time I recite Bono's chats between songs word for word - guilt that I'm not reading one of the above mentioned subjects.
Got my tickets sorted out through multiple swaps with family and friends - going tommorrow evening with some friends (make that tommorrow morning - they're determined to get into the pit) and Saturday night with my baby sister (she's 15 - her first concert ever). The other sister is going Monday night with my original tickets - an extra one there that might not been given to a friend - she'd better - I can resist everything except temptation and a 3rd U2 concert is just much for my sickly jelly-like will.
Time to get back to the causes of red eyes and prolonged labour.....or maybe I'll just sing and talk all the words to "Out of Control" one last time.....


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