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Sunday, June 26, 2005

U2. Croke Park. Perfecter.

I don't think perfecter is a word. I could also use Cornelius Rabbit of Tang word "favouritest", which isn't a word either.
But simply last night was great. Objectively slightly better than Friday, I think. But I enjoyed Friday more (being in the pit makes a big difference).
Was sitting up in the Cusack stand about 1/3 way down - despite worries about sound, everything was fine.
The setlist included Out of Control in 2nd place, so I was inordinately pleased from then on.
Highlights for me were All I want is you, Streets, Running to Stand Still, Yahweh, City of Blinding Lights, Pride, Mysterious Ways.
Max from Canada guested on Party Girl. I couldn't really see if he was holding a poster requesting to play as Bono said something about advertising or if he answered Bono's random call for a "player".
It was quite funny - Bono asking Edge if he was alright.
Bono made some comment about closing with Vertigo - not playing a new song.
Really tempted to go Monday night - will see how it goes.


Blogger Chris said...

I LOVE Mysterious Ways. I love all the songs on the new album too. That and Achtung Baby are my favs.

Lucky you getting to all these shows in the middle of your exams! :) Good luck with those.

PS. I did get the 2nd CD with the live songs, thx for offering! Handy to hear a couple from Rumble Doll in advance.

June 27, 2005 7:00 p.m.  

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