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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SOTU, T Shirts and Oil Addictions

A few Irish bloggers have said their bit about the SOTU last night – some about Cindy Sheehan’s ejection (Mental Meanderings) and some about Beverly Young’s ejection (Howl @ the Moon). Slugger opened the floor to comments
Richard even had a wishlist.

T-Shirt sloganeers Sheehan and Young are not the first to be ejected from the House during hearings. Dave Delp was ejected from the Clinton impeachment hearings for wearing a T Shirt that said “Clinton doesn’t inhale, he sucks”
Tammy Bruce’s phrase “malignant narcissist” was overused by a friend of this blog (you know who you are and don’t go back there again!) after a few of us read her book and as result I can’t stand it. I did however smile at her MalNar assessment of Cindy Sheehan.

Drudge also reports on more Kerry barminess – Kerry believes that 53% of American children don’t graduate from high school – watch the video here.
Democrats’ social security; patriot act clapping/non clapping and Hillary’s reverse facial expressions were also captured by exposetheleft, the all grown up Political Teen.
My non-scientific and probably incomplete straw poll reading of Irish bloggers responses showed about 100% were not positive; unlike Gallop’s poll watchers who ended up at a 78% positive response.
Pyjamas Media have a huge links post up.
Some of my favourite writer/thinker people have their spake at SOTU Critics Room at NRO – they’re all pretty balanced in terms of agree/disagree with different things.
Linda Chavez balances One of the best lines in the speech — "hindsight alone is not wisdom and second-guessing is not a strategy" — summed up perfectly why the Democrats have failed to convince most Americans they would keep the country safe in this dangerous, post 9/11 world with More government-funded research into producing ethanol "not just from corn but from wood chips and stalks of switch grass" will surely go down as one of the lamest ideas ever to come out of a Republican State of the Union address.
Mona Charen felt he let down his conservative base who wanted reassurance on domestic issues.
I like these lines from Michael Graham - However limited the president's agenda and vision are today, he at least has a vision. He has a strategy and approach on the big issues that, agree or disagree, is coherent and relevant. And the Democrats? They have Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan.
Max Schulz’s commentary on the oil addiction is good - President Bush said the United States is "addicted to oil." What a poor choice of words. It's like saying humans are "addicted" to oxygen. The simple fact is that our modern-day economy could not exist without the inexpensive and abundant supplies of petroleum that drove the dynamism of the previous century. Oil has — quite literally — fuelled our economy and provided Americans unparalleled standards of living. Oil has delivered levels of sustained economic production unimaginable a century ago. And it has helped advance the concept of personal automobility that is so much a feature of present-day America. Those are all good things.So why did the president's speech make it seem like using oil is, well, so dirty and wrong?
I’m a Bush supporter. I would have voted for him. I would have hit the streets and canvassed for him. He’s not perfect – no single politician is. But his vision and commitment to truly engaging populations currently deprived of freedom is admirable. It is sad to see such divisions in any house of elected representatives, but lamenting that Bush is a “divider, not a uniter” is simply pointless. Much of this division is a result of the Democrats’ refusal to actually connect with the issues of the day in a meaningful way – Kennedy, Biden and Kerry at the Alito hearings are a case in point.
Kate O’Beirne’s sum up says all I’m thinking –
Can't say that it will be memorable, but I thought the speech's optimistic tone was welcome and the President owned it. He was comfortable and confident - and conciliatory. Can't remember any other SOTU that opened with a chiding to the legislative branch about the need to work together, but he made clear that he is looking for allies from across the aisle who are willing to do the right thing.



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