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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rethinking Abortion

I've posted a lot about abortion recently but these 2 articles are well worth a read.

First a poll from Sunday's Observer which finds that 47% of women believe the present 24 weeks legal limit for an abortion should be reduced and 10% want the practice outlawed altogether. 42% of the general population want the upper limit reduced which was split into a 36-47% between men and women.
Only 1 in 3 agreed that 'the current time limit is about right'.

Second in the Sunday Business Post, Geraldine Martin writes about the various activities of the current government that have angered pro-lifers.
She begins with the new technologies and evidence from abroad (including Silent No More which I mentioned below) and states
We are well placed in Ireland to take advantage of this debate. The Constitutional protection given to the unborn child should provide us with the space to discuss publicly the needs of women with unexpected pregnancies, the needs of the child and society’s obligations towards both.
I have posted on this phenonomen before - other countries with regrettably long and hard experience of the tragic effects of abortion on women and society are questioning abortion as an acceptable solution to offer women in crisis pregnancy.
Martin is correct - we should be doing more to meet the needs of women with unexpected pregnancies.



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