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Friday, February 03, 2006

Obesity an Infectious Disease??

Obesity might be infectious.

I had a bizarre conversation with one of the girls in my class during our 15 minute lunch break (I want longer lunch breaks but there's just too much stuff for everyone else to do to actually sit down - they're all running around like white coated headless chickens and I don't like chatting to my coffee cup on my own)
I was telling her how I had alcohol-rubbed my folder, my stetoscope and my pen twice that morning. She thought I was talking about becoming infected myself and told me that the HCl acid in my stomach does kill a lot of bacteria. She was looking at me as if I'd suddenly grown 2 heads and was about to produce 2 duck beak masks to prevent inhaling any germs.
But all the dirty hospital media stories have made me so germ paranoid that I won't have any skin left on my hands - all my skin cells will soon be living in a Hibiscrub pond and all my hospital related belongings will be coated in an alcohol suspension that shimmers like Girls Aloud's eyeshadow.
All of which is good, because given all I ate last week in America, the last thing I need is to pick up an obesity infection. The clothes are tight enough as it is.


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