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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Irish Blog Novel Plotline

Any suggestions?

The Wonkette's novel featured in 2 articles in NYT books in recent days is described as
The two friends concoct their fake blogger to divert attention from Melanie and Rick's affair, which is in danger of being exposed. They also cook up Capitolette to give the book its entree into the blog world. "She was fascinated by the blogosphere, though she had a hard time explaining why," Ms. Cox writes of Melanie, with the limp faux naïveté that makes much of "Dog Days" so tepid. Anyone expecting "Dog Days" to sound like Wonkette will wait a long time for any Wonkette wit to kick in.

What would the Irish version be like? I know some bloggers want to write books but all flashy awards aside, I can't imagine enough there'd be enough glamour in the Irish bloggers life to write a whole novel!


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