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Saturday, December 17, 2005

You maybe a binman but you’re not rubbish

The tennyboppers bleeding thumbs have their reward – Shayne won XFactor by 1.2%.
The title is from the presenter’s parting words to Andy.
Was out all evening so just got home for the results – and the trip to the CD factory.
The CD factory bit is really pushing it.
Now changing to Strictly Come Dancing – both shows really got their money’s worth from the long ad breaks and delayed sequences.
SCD winners Darren and Lilia – I not a ballroom dancing expert – in fact I can barely lep around a nightclub if you call that dancing – but I thought Colin and Zoe were better – but what do I know?
10 million voted for X Factor. 5 million voted for SCD (1,500,000 million raised for Children in Need)
Is it the power of celebrity – a direct connection from your text message to the fate of some startstruck hopeful?
Is it the feeling of community? The knowledge that the nameless neighbours are probably texting as well.
Is it the feeling of empowerment? That you know much as Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne and have as much right to share your knowledge as everyone else.

Despite all the messing with the Conway Sisters, Louis Walsh could have a Christmas number 1 with Shayne. Bloody showbiz – there’s no justice.

I’ve just gotten 4 text messages from an hour ago – did all the telly voting swamp the network???


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