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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crunchy Conservatives

Rod Dehrer writes in Sunday Times about the emergence of Cruchy Cons in the UK as he as noted them in the US.
If I was David McWilliams (there's a thought I never thought I would have - bit like what would Jesus do??) would I call him a Juicy Carrot Rural Nostalgist Contrarian????
"Although the loony lefties who lead the environmental movement are deeply off-putting, my wife and I recoiled from a crass conservatism that had no use for conservation and which never saw a field or a forest that it didn't want to pave over to create a Wal-Mart parking lagoon."

THERE is much more to this than just conservation. In a nation that, like Britain, lives for shopping, Julie and I disdained malls and mass-produced culture. As a general rule we preferred the Small, the Local, the Old and the Particular over Big and Global and New and Abstract.

Because we value family above all, Julie chose to quit her editorial assistant’s job to take full-time care of our first-born son — a move that put off even some of our conservative friends.

We thought we could do a better job of teaching our son at home than public or private schools could, so we committed ourselves to the growing home schooling movement, which in New York City attracted mostly left-wing nonconformists.

At the same time the white-bread happy-clappy services at the neighbourhood Catholic churches bored us silly, so we started attending mass at a Maronite (eastern rite) Catholic parish church where the ancient chants and liturgies were still celebrated.

You get the picture. We are crunchy, for sure, but not liberals. We are traditionalist conservatives of the Catholic sort who identify more with Pope John Paul II, JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton and even, God help us, with the Prince of Wales when he talks about the value of small farms and traditional town design.

Here are some of the original National Review articles - 1, 2 and 3.

While I wear Birkenstocks (had a really cute pink pair this summer) and think organic apples/meat etc taste better than the other kind, I'm not really sure if I'm a cruchy con.
I don't recycle. I know those 3 words are enough to strike me dead in some circles - but I don't. I couldn't be bothered. I'm fairly sceptical about nearly all the environmental issues of our day. I didn't even send a stop sellafield postcard that time.
In recent weeks, I have however, finally grasped my mother's composting work of art, did seperate the plastic from the paper in her bins and bring bottles to the bottle bank. But, me, in my world, I don't do recycling.
I simply couldn't be bothered.
(Please don't send me recycled bombs in the post - I'm not worth your ire)


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