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Saturday, January 14, 2006

911, NYT and wiretapping

I like this post from The Anchoress on the New York Times report on wiretapping which many now claim has made terrorists' jobs that little bit easier.
Her post is strong sentiment but her memories of 9/11 remind me of how important, complicated and difficult it is to fight the amorphous evil of terrorism. Something that here in Ireland, we thankfully don't have to think about all that much.
If it happens anywhere in America, (or, really, anywhere else) I will look toward the NY Times and the rest of the “pure, patriotically motivated” press and leftists, because they will have, by their actions and their rhetoric, enabled terrorists to move forward where they had perhaps formerly been stalled. By making the job of surveillance and information-sharing more difficult (drop the Patriot Act and Jamie Gorelick’s wall snaps back in place) and the terrorist’s job easier, they will have participated in something deadly - all because they wanted to “get” the president and keep him from succeeding - which means keep America from succeeding - which means keep the world from progressing away from the scourge of terrorism.


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