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Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm for families; I'm for values....

I noted my reaction to the family in Family Stone a few days ago.
Meghan Cox Gurdon has a piece in OpinionJournal about the increase in Hollywood families with loads of children and the stereotypes that abound.

"Some adults flare their nostrils with distaste at the sight of even one child. Little wonder then, that large families will come in for hard looks from those who believe that they are overpopulating the planet, or selfishly consuming too many resources, or simply exhibiting religious zealotry. (Demographically at least, the last is true.)
The odd thing is that, off the screen, large families are seldom the ones with wildly misbehaving children. In real life, they tend to be the orderly people with the polite children, the families in which older siblings can be seen caring for their little brothers and sisters without griping about it. Indeed, onlookers are so taken in by the popular stereotype that they are often surprised to see a large family acting peacefully."


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