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Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Immigration = More Patriarchy??

From the excellent Civitas

Of the women not born in Britain who in 2004 bore a child in Britain, 27 % came from the Indian sub-continent and 13% from Africa, parts of the world not noted for being in the vanguard of sexual equality, especially in occupations to which the attach the greatest prestige, income and political power. The traditional societies in these regions tend to be distinctly patriarchal in character.

These facts suggest that, quite apart from any other reasons, the suggestion made by the Equal Opportunities Commission in its just-released annual sex and power survey that it might take as many as 200 years before women enjoy as much power as men do in Britain could well be overly optimistic. Indeed, given cultural inertia, and the changing demography of Britain, the balance of power between the two sexes could well in future start to tilt further in the opposite direction with more and more patriarchy.


Blogger Dealga said...

Civitas is not excellent, Auds, it's reactionary right-wing rubbish. They attempt to use highbrow 'studies' like this to make their xenophobic anti-immigration platform more palatable to the middle-classes.

A bloke from Civitas has released a book called "The Retreat of Reason", which specialises in this abuse of language and statistics.

For example it states the "factually correct truth" that the rise of HIV infection in Britain is not unprotected teenage sex (as generally believed) but the arrival of HIV+ African immigrants. How many prejudices will that bit of info feed?

And I got that little tidbit from a profile of the guy (an Anthony Browne) in The Sun!

January 07, 2006 5:34 p.m.  

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