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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Verbal HyperProductivity

From the Telegraph Apparently the EC tried to fire this guy, Mr Sequeira after fears that he might whistle blow on some internal fraud - but they couldn't so they went down the road of trying to get him declared psychiatrically unwell and then fire him. Some of his symptoms were "verbal hyper-productivity" and a "lack of conceptual content in his speech." He was also considered to show "megalomania and paranoia" and "an astonishing lack of daily awareness in the world of work".
I wasn't the world's best psychiatry student by any means, so I couldn't pretend to comment on this with any knowledge, but this sounds all very mad to me.
My german teacher in school once told me that I was "intoxicated with the exburance of my own verbosity" (which is a Disraeli quote I think) - this however excludes my future employment in the lovely EU buildings in Brussels.
Yes that violent cracking noise is my heart breaking.


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