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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The BBC's take on Dan Rather

From Biased BBC
BBC News Online reports on the final appearance of Dan Rather as anchor of CBS Evening News, US news anchor Rather signs off, noting that:
...his retirement has been marred by criticism he received over a recent report questioning President George W Bush's military service record.
And that's all they say about the circumstances of Blather's retirement - conveniently omitting to mention a) Rather's use of plainly forged documents; b) Rather stubbornly sticking by the story, attempting to prop it up for many days (including the infamous "fake but accurate" claims) in the face of mounting evidence before finally bowing, but never quite fully admitting, to the inevitable truth; c) the context of the scandal during the US Presidential Elections; or d) the direct link between the scandal and Rather's subsequent tarnished retirement.


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