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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Forget Oprah, Adams for Desperate Housewives

When I plopped myself on the couch for my weekly Desperate Housewives fix, I thought Annoying Susan's romantic antics would be the funniest thing I'd see on television tonight (yes, I'm a girl of embarrassingly low standards) but Gerry Adams pops up on News2 live from Navan. Maybe it's the air in Navan that produces comedy - Tommy Tiernan, Hector etc but Adams was priceless. When asked about the IRA's offer of condolences/compassion to the McCartney family (don't be getting upset love, we'll shoot them for you, no bother) and their apparent "ceasefire", Gerry talked about the "usual suspects sounding off in their usual sanctimonious way". In the manner of all great comedians, well Bruce Forsyth anyway, Gerry mentioned his own catchphrase "the British government" multiple times and looked all indignant standing on a damp street in Navan. He said some other really funny things, but RTE2 news is not available online and I'm not clever enough to remember them.Oprah has recently guest starred in a Desperate Housewives episode but I think Gerry Adams, especially after not getting the White House gig, should now try to connect with the American people by getting on Desperate Housewives. He'd fit in well on Wysteria Lane - he's used to spinning most of the storylines at this stage - mysterious disappearances (the annoying Christian one) , criminals in hiding (Bree's son who ran over Carlos's mother) , people with guns and cash in their kitchen presses (Mike, the cute plumber), people who launder money (Carlos...and then his wife burning his passport resembles certain recent infernos in Cork).
Then again, my brain could be fried from reading psychiatry lecture notes and watching television simultaneously all evening.


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