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Thursday, March 10, 2005

America on the IRA

The Belmont Club's take on the Rah - excellent.

Some bitter comments though -
I find it hard to believe that the IRA contributors here in suburban Boston would go along with anything President Bush wanted, regardless of how wise it might be. They are solid Kerry/Kennedy supporters.
Hopefully the Irish-American Boston Democrat community are a little more intelligent than that.

One poster links to this article from National Review Online 2002 entitled IRA+PLO=Terror. Recent revelations about al Qaeda training methods has been also identified as carrying some of the IRA's trademarks. If the EU and the Bush administration would unify their terrorist lists with "global reach" to include all terrorist organizations — including the IRA, Hezbollah, all Palestinian terror organizations, and the ELN — we might then have a better chance to win the war on terrorism.

Here's hoping that the axis of evil loses its Belfast cell.



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