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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lent, Chocolate and Birthdays

I don't know if Ice Cream Ireland did this on purpose or not (I'm guessing not) but on my birthday (I'm now 23!) they posted about the joys of good chocolate and Lent.
I'm not really giving up anything this Lent - I am however getting up as soon as the alarm clock rings. I've done pretty well so far.
I do however like this list from Kieran Murphy in Dingle (who is now being put on my things-to-do-once-exams-are-over-and-i-do-things-in-the-evening-not-involving-textbooks list)

1. Chocolate with zero cocoa content
2. Pre-packaged meats from supermarkets
3. Tinned prawns
4. Wine in gallon jugs
5. UHT milk and cream
6. Processed cheeses
7. Non-free-range eggs
8. Anything with food colouring
9. Instant coffee
10. Fast food

(In the interests of full disclosure to God about Lent and stuff (God reads blogs, too, you know) - I really can't buy into this one seriously as penance - I avoid pretty much all of the above all of the time. Food Colouring is about the only thing I fall down in - Fruit Pastilles grow on trees right?)


Blogger Simon said...

hey happy birthday

March 10, 2006 12:40 a.m.  

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