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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Those Feckin' Jesuits (and the Riots)

Indymedia Ireland Watch have a post on "radical jesuit priest" ™, "Father" Peter McVerry and his strange roundabouts on last weekend's riots -
McVerry's operation, the very embodiment of creeping jaysusism in Ireland, second only to the Combat Poverty Agency, thrives on taxpayer's money to help criminals and the homeless, while he criticises the police, went on record in several Irish newspapers and live on the Joe Duffy Liveline show on RTE 1 Radio, saying that the fascist violence in Dublin over the weekend was related to the passing away in police custody of alleged hoodlum and robber of the disabled, Terence Wheelock. How this event was related to the attempted lynching of Asian shopworkers during the riot McVerry could not explain, however.
Indymedia Watch keeps an eye on the removal of comments and censorship that Indymedia indulge in - while it can get a bit technical at times, it's a great read. (I thought I had it in my bloglines links folder - but now it is)
What is with normal religious who start full time advocacy in the "poverty industry" and their complete inability to hold onto reason?
(I was going to say sanity - but they do show heroic sanity in the actual work attempting to alleviate poverty - it's the auld committteeees that mess them up, methinks)


Blogger Richard Waghorne said...

"Poverty industry" - nice!

March 02, 2006 10:03 p.m.  

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