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Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Springsteen Album in a Couple of Months

I know - it's, like, so totally, the best news ever.
According to, the source of all that is Bruce related, tell us that it's a solo studio album in tribute to Pete Seeger. Pete Seeger has written some amazing songs that I know of (and loads more that I'm not aware of) - such as If I Had a Hammer and Turn, Turn, Turn - which Bruce will only do credit to. (Note lack of doubt in this fan - it's like I'm brainwashed or something! At this rate the impossible could happen - I might become a Communist like Pete!)
E Street work is put on hold and there is a two-month, small-market tour is in the planning stages for the late spring, with Springsteen to be accompanied by a group of musicians from the record.
Here's hoping that tour came to Dublin.



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