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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Sundays on The Riot

I haven’t been out yet, but this is the Sunday papers coverage online -
Sunday Times – from what I can see, the British version focused on the other march of yesterday – the Oxford pro-vivisection march, organised by a brave and passionate 16 year old, Laurie Pycroft.
The Irish version has substantial coverage –
The Planning - THE text messages were sent out to republicans and sympathisers early yesterday: get to the GPO at 10am, they said. Between 150 and 200 people responded to the call, but they did not congregate so as to avoid coming to the attention of gardai.
The Rest of O’Connell Street
The Authorities, and The Blame
The Reactions
The Editorial McDowell must discover whether complacency and poor planning lay at the heart of the riots, but Irish republicans of all shades must ask themselves whether they have the capacity to understand a people who share their island, but not their beliefs.
The Charlie Bird (AKA Greatest Reporter Ever) Like Potato, the ST wonders how Charlie Bird manages to become the story.
The Loyalists
They also have an article on informers and the security services.

Sunday Business Post
Short News Report
I think that’s it from them. And that’s pretty pathetic.

Sunday Independent –
Blame the Gardai
How an ugly and organised mob fought for the city – the report
A triumph for thugs and bigots – the editorial
Thirteen charged after day of mayhem – the charged. One was from Georgia – didn’t know the Rah were active there.
How gangs of thugs took control of the city centre – the timeline
Fireworks and rocks rain on unprotected gardai as cars burn and marchers flee well-organised terror
Crazed thugs beat 'Orange b****rd’ Bird – apparently he may have a hairline fracture in his cheek.  
Men of violence chose their city battleground well - But my God the idiocy of allowing any kind of march to take place on O'Connell Street yesterday. What were the authorities thinking?
Sectarians are the 'syphilis of our passions' – by Eoghan Harris (who else? ;- ) )
Unionists are not allowed to show they too have suffered – Maurice Hayes -  What has happened in O'Connell St (and it is still unfolding as I write) is a refusal to allow any other version of events in the North than that created by republican militants and monitored and censored by them. There was only one set of victims, one oppressor, no other option but armed struggle and terror, one lot totally in the right, the other irremediably in the wrong, the one entitled to celebrate success in song and story, the other a shameful history not allowed to breathe its name.
In case anyone had forgotten, violence is what republicans do – Brendan O’Connor - And let's not scurry to blame the people who've been repaving O'Connell Street for what seems like a decade now. Let's not blame the people who left that street like a building site, or a rioter's dream. We can't stop leaving building blocks lying around in case someone might pick them up and throw them at the cops. Should we ban glass bottles as well? They are the kind of precautions you need to take in a mad house.



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