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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cardinal Schonburn Approves Blessing of Gay Couples?

Via Andrew Sullivan from Tablet writer Rocco Palmo - apparently the rector of the cathedral in Vienna blessed a number of gay couples in a St Valentine's Day "ceremony of love".
He answered the question whether Cardinal Schönborn was happy with his statements and activities by saying that his initatives had obviously been discussed with the cardinal and approved by him.
Like most people who have followed Cardinal Schonborn's output from a distance over recent years, I think this is a rather surprising development. That is, if he did actually approve of it.
The Schonborn blog has said nothing about yet - but this should be an interesting story if it transpires Cardinal Schonborn actually and expressly approved of it. I can't see where it would all be going though - the Vatican's position on marriage is crystal clear, has been for millenia and looks set to continue - but will blessing of non married couples in this way become an universal pastoral/liturgical practice?
Blessing of gay couples is something a family friend who is a Bishop in another country has been doing for years. He did make the observation once though that most couples he blessed were seldom seen again - he does suggest that going to confession beforehand would be good spiritual preparation for the blessing, but it is an offer than is rarely accepted. But then, most affianced heterosexual couples don't view confession as that important either.

UPDATE - According to the Cafeteria is Closed blog, who read the original article in German, Cardinal Schonborn had nothing to do with approving blessings of homosexual couples - any homosexuals present were blessed as individuals.
Gerald's translation -
As far as homosexual attendants are concerned he stated that the relationship was not being blessed, instead the individual receives a blessing. Father Faber points to the guidelines of the Austrian Bishops Conference which states "To avoid misunderstandings, the difference between a blessing of couples and individuals has to be pointed out."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Affianced homosexuals cannot validly receive confession as this requires a desire to avoid future sin and, if they wish to "marry", by definition they do not want to give up future sin.

February 21, 2006 4:15 p.m.  
Blogger Suzy said...

ah thanks for the update...the phrase whereever 2 or 3 are gathered in his name comes to mind but its too late for more gospel quotation!

February 23, 2006 1:14 a.m.  

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