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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kyoto Targets - Are We Better Not Meeting Them?

There’s a different take on the Kyoto treaty in the today’s Daily Mail.
This is the first time I bought the new Irish Daily Mail since it started as it’s not on sale in the shops on my daily route.
David Quinn reports on how implementing the Kyoto treaty to the full would have drastic effects on the economy – he quotes Constantin Gudriev who said it would lead to a “wholesale exit of international and domestic exporters from Ireland”.
According to the EPA, we are at 23.5% over the 1990 levels even though we committed to be no more than 13% about them.
There is also an editorial comment which asks the question if we really want to risk damaging the economy for doubtful returns.
I have posted before about the wisdom of Kyoto and whether or not the money spent on it should be spent on more worthwhile and effective programmes. As I said then - 1 year’s spend on Kyoto (which will only delay global warming by 6 years) could provide clean water to the 1 billion people worldwide who need it.


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