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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Sooner I Get This Bilocation Craic

sorted out the better.
I will be able to attend gigs that I want to go to, even when I’m somewhere else, instead of just reading excellent reviews.
First would have been Broken Social Scene in TBMC – reviewed by Paul @ - Now all the critics, journos and humble, yet dedicated, gig-goers like ourselves on In Fact, Ah can soldier on through the musical landfill for another year or so armed with the memory of last Saturday night. After all, we don't enjoy the trauma of having to revise our list of all-time-greatest gigs too often.

Then I would’ve seen Hem, who played the Allen Room in NYC, a gig and venue I dearly would love to witness! Reviewed by the NYT
Hem's music is organized around Mr. Messé's long, flowing melodies, most sung by Sally Ellyson in a plain, sweet and slightly mournful voice over which the group sometimes applies two- and three-part vocal harmonies like delicate brush strokes.

But Hem's best original songs are as sturdy as any of the material the group covers. My favorite, "Receiver," has the ring of a potential folk-pop classic. The narrator, facing the imminent departure of a lover, muses: "I'll always love you like I do/ The song is fading still it's true." That departure is likened to the grabbing of a "loose thread hanging from the gingham sky" and disappearing into the sky. Beautiful.



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