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Friday, February 17, 2006

New Music and Mustard Friday

I’ve bought a lot of music in the last few weeks, but have only gotten round to listening to it in the last few days. This is due to Caoimhin Vallely’s album which I listened to every time listening to music was appropriate!
So the other stuff is –
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat
Really good. I got it in Washington and only started playing it this week. Some fantastic songs like “Rise Up With the Fists!!!” and “Rabbit Fur Coat” which has a great opening line – “I was of poor folk but my mother had a rabbit fur coat  and a girl of less character pushed her down the LA River”
She has a rather impressive line up for a cover of the Traveling Wilbury’s classic “Handle with Care” Bright Eyes, Ben Gibbard, and M. Ward (whose new album I must get this week!)

Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy – The Brave and the Bold
Surprisingly it’s not the perfection that one expects automatically from BPB. I bought this out of loyalty – it’s a covers album that makes no nod to the originals – you’d wonder if they ever even heard them - which is great! Springsteen’s Thunder Road probably the best (but I would say that about any Springsteen song).
I had never heard of Tortoise before and I don’t think I’ll be running out to get their album, but anyone going to Bonnie Prince Billy in Whelans should find it a good EP to pass the time. (Not going – all sold out, and I’ve prove my “safe doctor” credentials the following day before I can start working, make money and buy more CDs!)

Cat Power – The Greatest
It’s quite an enjoyable listen even if sometimes it sounds like she’s playing down the bottom of a well. I have “You Are Free” as well, but rather this one.

Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy
I bought this because I really liked the cover. The last time I remember doing this was for Ryan Adams’ “Heartbreaker”. While I’m not disappointed with the content, they’re just okay. (Unlike Heartbreaker which nears perfection in parts)

Beth Orton – Comfort of Strangers
I like this one at lot. It’s more folky than her albums, but not that much different – her voice and how she sings is quite unique. I especially like “Comfort of Strangers” and “Safe in Your Arms”.

Abigail Washburn - Song of the Traveling Daughter
I got this recommended to me at Amazon because I had bought the Duhks album (which is brilliant!). It’s stripped banjo folk. I particularly like the 2 songs she sings in Chinese. I’ve developed a thing for bluegrassy folk being sung in foreign languages – I went through a phase of Russian bluegrass over the summer – a young band, Bering Strait (who are more Nashville than Moscow) and Kukuruza, who were playing bluegrass under Communism. I want to find more foreign language bluegrass – I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually a superb combination.

Mustard Balsamon
Which I got in Fresh in Smithfield yesterday evening – absolutely gorgeous Greek mustard made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and honey. It’s so nice I had it on toast this morning for my breakfast.


Anonymous Joe said...

'Rise Up with Fists!!' has been my little anthem this week - so much so that I posted about it earlier today!

Also, I thought I saw she was playing Dublin in a few months, but now I can't find any proof to back that up...sad.

February 18, 2006 2:17 a.m.  
Anonymous Sinéad said...

I've been surprised at how negative some of the reviews of Beth Orton's album have been. I like it a lot ('Conceived' is gorgeous) but then you listen to the Cat Power album and you see where Orton might be slightly lacking.

The BPB/Tortoise album is disappointing but if you like the Jenny Watson album, I'd also recommend The Elected which features her Rilo Kiley bandmate Blake Sennett.

Also Kelley Stoltz - along with Cougar, it's made it on to my albums of the year list.

February 19, 2006 5:25 p.m.  

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