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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What makes a good priest?

I always thought a man who strived for personal holiness in the context of a religious vocation to serve as priest in Catholic Church was what made a good priest. Bad priests are those horrible weeds of men who abuse children.
Good priests are those that struggle daily to become saintly, while helping their parishioners where they can.
The fact that they're celibate should not turn away men who can become good priests. In fact, those that truly appreciate the nature of the priestly vocation are more likely to welcome celibacy than those that don't.

The original Fr Trendy, Brian D'Arcy with well-known Manchester priest Fr Denis Maher today both backed Fr Dillane and warned the Catholic Church that it was losing its best priests because they weren't allowed to marry.

Fr Dillane had sex as consenting adult with another consenting adult. I personally find the age difference (70 to 30) a little odd but if that's what they want so be it. He can, in full personal freedom, choose to leave the church, or cease his sexual relationship and continue as a priest.
He did committ a sin in the eyes of the Church and that is something that he must deal with himself, in the same way we all must examine our consciences.

I know from personal family experience that priests who leave the priesthood to continue relationships find it an incredibly draining and emotionally wrought experience.
All we can do is not to use Fr Dillane's personal life for some ill advised and dead ended "sex for priests" campaign and let him make his own decisions and deal with them in his own conscience, as he has done so far.



Blogger Eagle said...

All we can do is not to use Fr Dillane's personal life for some ill advised and dead ended "sex for priests" campaign and let him make his own decisions and deal with them in his own conscience, as he has done so far.


January 20, 2006 5:23 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Gay Is Your Priest?



Issue of 2006-03-06
Posted 2006-02-27

From: His Holiness

To: All seminaries

Subject: While the Church approves of ordaining “transitory” homosexuals—that is, those men willing to take subways and buses rather than taxis—according to our most recent directive we “cannot admit to the priesthood those who practice homosexuality, present deeply rooted homosexual tendencies, or support the so-called ‘gay culture.’ ” The following questionnaire should be used to help identify and root out such truly committed homosexuals.

1. Jesus would have been a bad boyfriend because:

(a) He wasn’t gay or sexual in any way, so the question is disgusting.

(b) He would have cared about everyone, but not enough about you.

(c) He wasn’t really Jewish.

2. Priests traditionally wear black with a white collar because:

(a) The attire is simple and modest.

(b) It’s slimming.

(c) The matching quilted shoulder bag is what really makes the whole thing work.

3. Priests take a vow of poverty because:

(a) It’s selfless and humbling.

(b) It’s handy when the check comes.

(c) It makes their apartments feel larger.

4. Should Kate Moss be allowed to take Communion?

5. If there were a Fox series set in the Vatican, it should star:

(a) Wilfred Brimley, as a wise, compassionate Pontiff.

(b) Jennifer Love Hewitt, as a lovely and devout young nun who can talk to martyrs.

(c) Me and Heath. Period.

6. If you found yourself attracted to another priest, you would:

(a) Ask him to pray with you to battle the sinful urge, over drinks.

(b) Banish all such thoughts from your mind until you lose fifteen pounds.

(c) Ask him, “What’s black and white and wants your number?”

7. When you were watching “The Passion of the Christ,” did you ever think, It’s deeply moving and profoundly important, but it’s not “Chicago”?

8. God is:

(a) All-loving and all-forgiving.

(b) All-loving and all-forgiving, sometimes.

(c) All-loving and all-forgiving, unlike white spandex tank tops.

9. Do you believe that the Ten Commandments should apply to everyone except Dennis Quaid?

10. If a couple asked you to christen their baby with the name Tiffany, would you respond, “Why don’t we just call her You Big Trailer Park Whore?”?

11. Do you believe that the Church should get involved in the final round of “American Idol”?

12. If you were asked to counsel a young couple who were about to be married, would your first topic be “Everyday china”?

13. Whom would you recommend for sainthood?

(a) Mother Teresa.

(b) Mother Teresa’s less popular sister, Linda.

(c) Any of Mariah Carey’s personal assistants.

14. The phrase “Hate the sin but love the sinner” refers to:

(a) Homosexuals.

(b) Fried foods.

(c) Kelly Ripa.

15. Essay question: Why didn’t God just destroy Sodom and Gomorrah through overgentrification?

16. In the Gnostic Gospels, which apostle is referred to as “scrumptious”? (This is a trick question, because, no matter what Luke says, it’s not Mark.)

17. If your bishop asked you to take a vow of silence, what would your response be?

(a) Unquestioning obedience.

(b) To comically mime the words “Stop it!”

(c) To scribble on your notepad, “Fire!”

18. What is the difference between God and Oprah?

(a) None of God’s book is true.

(b) God didn’t create Dr. Phil.

(c) God still won’t do “Letterman.”

March 01, 2006 11:08 p.m.  

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