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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Brokeback Mountain - This Might Annoy You

Tammy Bruce has a different view on Brokeback Mountain's popularity than simply "the power of movies to change the way we're thinking."
She's speaking about how culture and movies interact and what can be gleamed from this interaction.
There are two very different issues here--the importance of marginal films that challenge the staus quo, and the value and dynamic importance of American culture. Personally,and as a homosexual myself, I like edgy, marginal films. In my first book, 'The New Thought Police.' I write about the importance of film challenging us. But there's a big difference between marginal films and what is to be determined as 'mainstream' American classics. There's a place for both, but Hollywood, of course, wants there to be a place for only one.
I want to be able to see all sorts of films, but the sort I may enjoy as a marginal person perhaps with marginal interests is not the sort of thing that furthers or makes better American culture.
And no homosexual should require society to look like them in order to have self-esteem or to feel moderately good about themselves. As long as your sense of yourself, no matter who you are, is reliant on what strangers think, you'll never truly be your own person. You will be enslaved by the attitutudes of others.
Unfortunately because of how damaged they are the Gay Gestapo relies on such Thought Police tactics. Because they want to force you to love them, and if you don't you had better pretend you do or you will be hurt. They want to wipe you from the mainstream, bexcause you remind them that they are, well, marginal.

(I told you it might annoy you - hers is not a mainstream opinion)


Blogger Fence said...

Bearing in mind I only skimmed the article in question, I'd have to question whether Brokeback Mountain was ever NOT a mainstream film? Maybe it deals with a marginal (fsv) of lifestyle, but it has stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. it is directed by Ang Lee. I'm sorry, it is a mainstream film.

And as for her argument that homosexuals shouldn't want society to like them? Whats that all about, does anyone really care what this amorphous blob that is society likes or dislikes? Surely all anyone wants is the right to be able to live their life without "society" telling you you can't and beating you to death if you disagree.
Sure we may want people in general to like us, but I don't think that is a gay thing, it's a person thing.

January 18, 2006 9:20 a.m.  

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