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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Medical Misc

For when the Clinic ends on RTE1 - television programme ideas from the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Just finished my finals today (half of them - next half April). Yippee! Going to see Kathleen Edwards in the Village now before going to the Pav in Trinity to celebrate with other meds.

My obstetric case today was obstetric cholestasis. Which is not in the index of our main textbook - Obs and Gynae by Impey.
Had great fun in the pub this afternoon trouncing everyone else's horror stories - you got Dr So-and-So and they screamed at you for not knowing the management of premature quads in a diabetic pre-eclamptic multigravida from a low socio-economic background - well I got obstetric cholestasis!!!

For those of you interested - check out
Itchy Moms, a support group for sufferers. It's a pretty horrible condition.
My patient was absolutely lovely and my examiners were understanding enough about how rare it is.



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