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Friday, March 11, 2005

Support from SF grown among women

From Slugger O'Toole
I have been struck by the feminine steel shown by the McCartney sisters over the last few weeks and again by the quiet force and strength in the women interviewed on RTE's Prime Time last night - even though I don't buy the feminist political line that all women think the same about politics I would hope that the example set by these courageous women will resound with many.

Some rather bitter comments left on the slugger thread - I don't actually personally know any women who'd support Sinn Fein but I really hope they don't fit into either category described -
"There are two types of women who vote Sinn Fein, the 'little women' who always do what they ae told by their menfolk and the second kind who want to be their menfolk. The second kind can be seen at any Sinn Fein rally or event, dressed in combat gear, with shaven head, one earring and a scowl. There was plenty of the first kind at the Ard Feis this year, all dressed in nice suits and proper dresses trying to look as if they understood what was being said by the men.
I personally blame Gerry Adams, God be with the days when Maire Drumm ran Mna Na HEireann and women were content to bang dustbin lids. "



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