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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sinn Fein candidate in McCartney murder bar

Sinn Fein candidate Cora Grogan was in Magennis's bar on the night of Robert McCartney's murder - she gave her statement to her solicitor - how big of her.
U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday rings particularly true in this situation - how long, how long must we sing this song.
Have Sinn Fein learnt nothing from the events of the last few months???

"Catherine McCartney today said she was astonished to learn that a Sinn Fein candidate had been present on the night her brother Robert was killed.
"She says she has given a statement to a solicitor but I would challenge her to give a statement to the police or the Police Ombudsman" Catherine McCartney said.
"Giving statements to solicitors is not really what is needed. The statement should be given to people with the proper investigative skills who can help to bring those responsible to court."



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