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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Fisk and Dooley on the Late Late

Speaking of "on the ground" analysis, Robert Fisk attempted to rubbish Mark Dooley's arguments on the Late Late on Friday by repeating over and over again that Mark had never been to Iraq and was therefore not qualified to speak on such secretive "you had to be there to get it" subjects such as the success of the elections in Iraq.
Robert then took his patronising "I'm the real journalist here, I talk to people in the street" attitude to a new level by suggesting that Mark join him in Baghdad to really see what was going on!
There are a number of problems with Fisk's analysis on a number of levels from a number of different's Robert Fisk we're talking about so I suppose there always will be!
Fisk's "objective" journalism comes in quite a subjective package - unless one has had direct personal experience and has been there and dodged the bullets in the Rambo-type fashion that Fisk claims he has, one can't hold an opinion - Mark Dooley hasn't been to Iraq and it is wrong for him to believe that democratically held elections in a country formerly shackled to a tyrannic, bloodthirsty, monsterous despot is a good thing. There are a number of things I believe, but wrongly so using Fisk's logic - Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world (I haven't measured it and have yet to read Fisk's accurate and factual account of its being so, so therefore I humbly recant my heresy)
Mark Dooley mentioned the bloggers from Iraq. Fisk obviously doesn't believe them either, he probably only believes things he's not only seen, but digested in his bitter bile-coloured rants that Irish elites are so fond of. Maybe Fisk only believes things that are doubly proved - that is, he's seen them and then read about in his own column so dammit it must be true.
Fisk's biggest round of applause came when he very graciously acknowledged that he likes American people, but only when they're in America. Big hearted and tolerant is our Fisky.
Perhaps the most interesting fudge came when an audience member spoke of the work that the Forgotten Children charity are doing in the aftermath of the horrific Rwandan genoicide. (can't find site but here's article on them) Most people would see that this scenario is the sort of one that a swift international military intervention would have prevented but not Fisk....he just started talking about democracy, flowers and spring breezes all the while denying the worth of the democratic process in Iraq and condemning America.
Check out some of the Iraqi bloggers (but don't tell Fisky - he would never believe it) Soul stirring stuff.

The Mesopotamain - Yet Baghdad; subjected to a terrorist and intimidation campaign of unprecedented scale and cruelty; Baghdad, deprived of electricity, fuel and lately even water( which is more dangerous than anything else); Baghdad, that lacks security, where the citizens face mortal danger every moment of their daily life; Baghdad, where life has almost ground to a standstill; that citizens of this Baghdad should line up at polling stations braving very real dangers, with mortars raining down and scores of suicide bombers sent out to blow up people, and moreover that many even brought their children: this Baghdad was a revelation even to Baghdadis.
This was no ordinary election, and it was not simply to elect a constituent assembly. It was the answer of the people, what they really thought about the liberation, what they really thought of the ideas preached by the president. This was a message by the Iraqi people to the American people and their great president. It was the heart of Iraq answering the heart of America that voted to give the President the mandate to finish the task; it was the answer that the common people of Iraq gave by braving danger and exposing their life and that of their children and families to death, this was their way to make their voice heard.Well, thank you Mr. President, we heard you; and I am sure you also heard us.Peace be upon you all and the mercy of Allah and his blessings.

Democracy in Iraq -
Let me also take this time out to condem non-Iraqis who continue to deny what has happened in Iraq. I have read all over the internet comments by idiots who insist that the elections were false, that Iraqis are opressed, and that the future is Civil War.
You are not here, you are not living as we are, you do not get an accurate picture. The election was a resounding success, Iraqis are hungry for freedom, and we are building the future together. All this gloomy talk is nothing more than lies and evil vitriol by people who want to see our nation in trouble, and wish to deny us freedom and liberty.Shame on you people. If you do not know what is happening in Iraq, then do not open your mouth, it will only make you look dumber than you already do when Iraq is a strong, democratic and free country.I also want to say to my fellow Iraqis that we have made great progress in the last few months, but let us not be content. There is a lot still to be done, we have just began on the path, but we have shown that we have the resolve to finish the job. Let us continue working towards a unified Iraq, let us put the past behind us, and look to the bright future, one that will only be forged if we all combine our strengths!

Where is Raed? with Salem Pax.

For the best round up on the other various good news stories from Iraq check out Chrenkoff.

Hats off to Mark Dooley - watching the Late Late on a Friday night is hard enough but giving up precious minutes of your life to debate with Robert Fisk live on the Late Late, hosted by Kenny Lite, on a Friday night is downright heroic!!


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