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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday Tribune on Blogs

Today's Sunday Tribune had an article today on blogs. I'm afraid I can provide no more info on the specs of the article as I read it in a random stranger's copy of the Turbine on the train back to Dublin. The writer (I'm not a journalist so please excuse my lack of hard facts but I promise to research this and come back with details) essentially made the point that blogs while they might rock in other countries, they won't change anything in Ireland.
I am very glad for blogs like the Corner and Instapundit who provided me with an insight into the recent American elections quite unlike the biased and ideologically driven rants of Marion McKeone in the Turbine. It's almost as if she decided to paraphrase Maureen O'Dowd and then sprinkle on some Democrat party press releases and voila, cutting edge "on the ground" analysis from Ms McKeone.
Roll on the blog revolution to Ireland - It's high time someone took the Turbine's poor analysis to task.


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