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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Amendment for kids?

Emily Logan the Ombudsperson for Children, an unheard of paper pusher, wants an amendment to acknowledge that children are "rights bearers". A quick perusal of her submission to the All Party Oireacthas Committee on the Constitution, which bears all the hallmarks of having been written in totality by Geoff Shannon, her "co-author", reveals a text obsessed with UN Conventions and hard cases.

The submission laments the Constitutional position of the family, suggesting that it "lacks child focus". It moves from tragic but rare cases to argue for the status of children as "rights bearers".

Predictably, various groups have moved to criticise the proposal as it undermines the role of parents. An amendment which gives children autonomy and privacy rights would neccessarily weaken parents position.

The invocation of a UN Convention which stresses these kind of rights, such as the child's right to freedom of association, tells its own story.

Hard to see this going anywhere fast. There isn't much appetite for this sort of thing amongst the political classes. And imagine trying to persuade Sean and Brigid to vote to allow their kids "privacy rights"?!!!

Surely the Ombudsperson for Kids could be spending her alloaction of our money in a more productive way, like organising paper airplane contests, or table tennis tournaments?


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