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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

P O'Neill's Patience tried to the limit

IRA are taking all their proposals off the table. Blaming Dublin...but are not yet giving up on the peace process.
Yes P O'Neill - there's a real difference between fighting for peace and wanting to fight for....well I'm not really sure what the IRA are fighting for now - their patience had been tried to the limit with all the allegations of criminal activity flying around.....ahh bless.
Unlike P O'Neill's impatient streak, the families of the disappeared....the family of Jean McConville (not McCabe as Mary Lou MacDonald called her) and all the families of those brutally murdered by IRA bombs have had the patience of Job. They're still waiting for justice.
And if everytime the IRA is challenged on its position in the peace process in a democratic country and P O'Neill gets itchy feet, those families will be waiting for longer, patiently and quietly dealing with their grief.



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