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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Want to Thank Phil Lynott for Letting Us Open the Show

Out of Control – a few blogs have picked up on the indymedia report of the story of a peace activist, Conor Cregan, placing some wandering American soldiers in Shannon under citizen’s arrest.
Twenty Major’s succinctly titled “Gobshite of the Week” links to the TCAL post.
Obviously I agree with twenty’s moniker and disagree with Cregan’s actions and motives, but love the sheer delusion of his “after assuring the men were not in jeopardy” line – as I commented at TCAL - like what was he, as a peace activist, going to do? Knock them out with a ploughshare?
But my favourite blog post, for sheer stupidity goes to the Irish Bulletin (who I criticised before and then rejoined with a patronising sneer of my religious practices)
While disagreeing with Cregan’s probable political stance - Granted this chap is, politically, probably from the far-left of the same materialist dialectic which has the world in the state it's in, but this took cajones nonetheless; his actions are fully endorsed because the Irish Government has committed, and continues to commit, acts of war against its own people.
Anyone who honestly believes the Irish government commits acts of war against its people – and can somehow equate American troops on their way home from Iraq, after liberating a people from a really warful (is that a word or do we have to use warmongering? Warring?) dictator – I really think they should leave the country for their own good. Fair enough not believing it is legal or moral, but if this is an act of war they’ll really be incensed beyond belief when actual bad stuff happens – and their patriotic hearts just might not be able to withstand it all.

(the title is from Bono’s Slane DVD introduction to “Out Of Control”, the best description of those believing in “acts of war” and also the best version of the song)


Blogger Fence said...

I disagree with the actions taken by whatshisface activist, but technically isn't he correct that it is illegal for the soldiers to be walking through the streets.

I think the govt. need to figure out exactly where they stand on the issue of Shannon and stop trying to play to both sides.

I don't think the US should be using Shannon, but I'd respect the govt. a lot more if they came out and said they supported the US action and were happy to have them use Shannon, as opposed to Bertie trying to be both pro and anti the war in Iraq.

June 29, 2006 11:38 a.m.  
Blogger Simon said...

technically isn't he correct that it is illegal for the soldiers to be walking through the streets. not if they have premission. Anyway technically it is illegal to curse. Try making a citizen arrest of someone cursing.

June 30, 2006 12:53 a.m.  
Blogger Gormless Norman said...

I've been having some fun with this story myself, as described towards the bottom of my post here (scroll below the Cuchulainn picture).

Over the last few days I've left poetry on Indymedia's story mocking Cregan, only to have it promptly deleted. Yesterday, I left a horrible anti-Semitic comment under the assumed name Gandrill Naptod. That horrible comment seems to have satisfied Indymedia's standards, as it is still there. And, I left a fairly obvious joke which they do not seem to have gotten.

"Warful" is in fact a word. It is a synonym for "warrific" and an antonym of "peaceish". I used it here.

July 01, 2006 4:24 p.m.  

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