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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

These things they go away replaced by every day

Disillusioned Lefty has an excellent review of Suite Francaise (posted about here).

Bruce Springsteen's website doesn't mention it, but according to ticketmaster, he's back again for TWO nights in the Point in November.
I'm not able for all this excitement - the tickets are on sale Wednesday - how will I get them with my Bruce-fan-friends decamped?
This can not be good for my constitution - annual concerts followed by a 6 monthly interval. I think I need to go blow into a brown bag.

Watching the Convent at the moment - it's almost as good as the Monastery.
Despite being the dreaded "reality television", these series have given me loads to crunch on. There is a fascination with what happens behind closed doors, especially the community that locks themselves in. Both the nuns and the monks have shown an acute awareness of the world in which we all reside - from their altar they pray for the world and from their hearts they welcome the seekers with generosity and love. From my limited personal experience of the monastic life, silence seems to breed wisdom and prayer humility. Hopefully these programs expose more to the value of both. From a pure entertainment point of view, women struggling with virtue, sin, emotions, tears and the meaning of life beats chavtastic idiots battling with each other's vanity in mirrors and big brother's cameras. It also beats Charity Queens (reviewed here by Laura), Marty Whelehan's lacklustre attempt at being the Richard Attenborough of Dublin's "ladies who lunch" and the PR piranhas who feed off their Four Seasons addiction. I continued watching mainly to monitor Tara O'Connor's hair which managed to remained fixed in an unusual formation that blended with her seemingly huge collection of dangly earings. According to Social Dublin, the blogging answer to VIP or Heat, she runs Intrepid PR, a PR company without a website, but does " 1/3 of our work pro bono", which she pronouces in a mangled D4 accent. Not quite as bad though as Deirdre Kelly, of Angel Quest, who despite doing fantastic work on behalf of respite homes, was completely incapable of pronouncing "respite" correctly.

{Those not interested in so-called personal blogging, move on, nothing to see here folks}
In other bitching - today has been thoroughly crap - I have been diagnosed with latent TB and have the worst holidays in the hospital - the middle 2 weeks of July -that's holidays after just 1 week of work. And the sales in Brown Thomas yesterday were not good.


Anonymous SinĂ©ad said...

Auds, I've been meaning to stop by for ages and say congrats on graduating and well done on all the hard work. Damn RSI has been keeping me off the web a bit.

Sorry to hear about the TB stuff. What does the latent bit mean? Do you need treatment?

June 29, 2006 11:18 a.m.  

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