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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sex, Lies and Feminism

Suzy at Maman Poulet asks us to think about the increase of domestic violence associated with the World Cup. Given the increase in alcohol consumption, an increase in all violence is probably to be expected.
But as the feminist story goes, men ravaged by the evil testosterone lose the run of themselves while watching rarefied soccer players kick a ball round a field. This then leads to the normally restrained male acting out his true nature and beating any woman unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity, usually his wife.
Soccer is not the only sport that unleashes such violent demons in our brothers, fathers and husbands – American football, the Super Bowl Sunday in particular, was also attributed with such an alarming rise in domestic violence.
While such phenomena seem intuitive to believers of such balanced works as Dworkin’s Intercourse, the rest of us remained unconvinced, especially in light of the complete absence of evidence to back up such claims.
The shameless padding of statistics and gross lies of the feminist establishment with regard to sports and domestic violence was reported by Christina Hoff Sommers in her book “Who Stole Feminism?” It is very sad that the feminists involved, though admitting their lack of data, felt justified in their deliberate inaccuracy.
I don’t however – domestic violence is too serious to be lied about. It doesn’t do anyone any favours – those who peddle the inflated claims are discredited and we all get the impression that inside every ordinary man lurks an unrepentant wife batterer.
The Women’s Aid website just mentions “evidence” and “research” and “findings from America” without any actual references, as do many of the local British police sites and news articles. I’m presuming they’re acting on anecdotal evidence from their localities, though over the years the US has proved that even such anecdotal evidence is hard come by.
The American group “The National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women” has an information pack on domestic violence and sports, which emphasises no substantive link between sporting events and domestic violence and exhorts those working in the area when contacted by media to stress the everyday prevalence of domestic violence.
A quick pubmed search (on dial-up so this is taking aaaages) on domestic violence and sports reveals only 1 article – the famous 1992 article that guesses “that viewing the successful use of violet acts may give the identifying fan a sense of license to dominate his surroundings” . This is the article that has given rise to the hyperbole and has since been discredited. Even wider research into sporting events and general accident and emergency admissions has shown no increase.
I posted a few days ago about the worrying actual trends in female violence – this is just as serious an issue and one which shouldn’t need a sporting event and some innuendo to popularise it.
When I first saw Suzy’s title “Sex, Violence and the World Cup”, I presumed she was talking about another sex, violence and soccer story – that of the increase in human trafficking to assuage the demand for prostitution in Germany for the World Cup. If you are concerned about you might want to sign this petition from the Coalition of Trafficking Against Women.



Blogger ploughman said...

I agree, and I had signed [for what it's worth ] that petition.
The real goal is of course the castration of the male sex and the transplantation of the appendage to the penis envy mob who masquerade as 'feminists'
'Give me the ball[s] could be the shout as they continue to play the same match begun in the 60's
I think the most damaging product of the sex industry and suprising to some it's new feminist allies , is the creation of that Frankensteins monster that is the 'female lad',
Clamidia, gonorrhoea, herpes,hiv, genital warts and infertility being the results along with alcoholism and nicotine addiction and the occasional glass in the face,[seen it more than once] .I know a girl who had a collection like this along with 6 abortions. She's now sterile and in a mental institution.

June 23, 2006 7:10 a.m.  
Blogger Fence said...

Not only the increase in alcohol, but also the increase in general stress levels could cause a rise in violence.

June 23, 2006 9:08 a.m.  

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