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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

T Bone Burnett has an album coming out

I don't know how many of this blog's readers will be as excited as I am over this news. (I'm guessing not many)
He's also doing a US tour with the Wallflowers' Jakob Dylan - but like Hem, he plays New York the week before I go on my holidays there. (Damn laws of time and physics squared)
I first heard of him when I became obsessed with Gillian Welch's music and I traced everyone she worked with on Hell Among the Yearlings, which he produced.
I then got the reissued version of his self titled album and I was hooked.
By right, everyone should own all Gillian Welch's albums and be holding their breaths for the next one (and the amazing live shows that should accompany it!)
So you should go buy them, and in the meantime, join me in watchful waiting for T Bone, who's delivering in a few weeks!



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