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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Handsome as a Magazine

Playboy with clothes in Indonesia.
The piece of "moral terrorism" would not be acceptable even if the women were in burqas it seems, one of those interviewed said "we would still protest it because of the name."
I'm not a Playboy fan by any standard, but as a brand they are synonymous with Western sexual liberation, and I guess while the cartoons were one thing, Playboy is another kettle of women in underwear.

(The title of the post is a quote from "Hollow", one my favourite Hem songs - I've been listening to their new album of outtakes/rarities "No Word from Tom" loads and I guess the the chorus of Hollow is probably appropriate for the clash about civilisation that's happening "But it's a hard road that we follow / The saddest cities, and the darkest hollows")


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