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Friday, April 07, 2006

Denis Donaldson, RIP

I meant to post more on the sad murder of Denis Donaldson but I simply haven’t had the time to follow the story, most of which is speculation anyway.
This is mainly due to study.
And a fear of watching the news, just in case I’ll develop lust in my heart for Tommy O’Gorman (after my recent Minister McDowell infatuation, a girl can’t be too careful).
So here are blog(s) that are worth reading....
Slugger O’Toole - The first reports. (100s of comments.) The Republicans did it. The British did it. Shooting touts is always wrong. Gerry Adams.
A unionist perspective – no-one did it.
As you can see, my study break was extended due to the sheer quantity of stuff in these posts. I’ve yet to read yesterday’s papers, let alone today’s.
And the story of another Northern man who died during the week – Michael McGoldrick - Elblogador and Slugger. He was an incredibly impressive man who forgave his son’s LVF killers and asked that those who wanted retribution would “Bury your pride with my son”.



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