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Sunday, December 04, 2005

When Phillip Met Isabella....and me

I went to see the Phillip Treacy hat exhibition in Collins Barracks this afternoon. The hats are just so beautiful. I love hats – only part of fashion that I actually love enough to have a collection of hats! I own 2 Philip Treacy hats (both bought at BT’s sales!) and plan to own many many more.
I have never before left a museum exhibition wishing I was one of the people on display. I want to be Isabella Blow. Given that I realise that’s not going to happen anytime soon, I will settle for her hats.
The hats are magnificent – the Castle and the Ship are well known Philip Treacy icons but the rest are just so stunning. Check out pictures here, here and here.
While my Treacy hats are off the rack daily wear hats, I don’t like wearing them outside – mainly because I’m a student and I’m afraid to lose them but also because I love keeping them in their hatboxes which I suppose defeats the whole purpose of hats, but Isabella Blow even wears hers cycling. And she wore the David Beckham hat to Old Trafford and the amazing Gilbert and George hat to meet the firemen who had just put out a fire in her house. (This despite being mentioned in every website, I can’t actually find a picture of it)
While I was there a little boy asked his mother how people actually wore the hat he was looking at – the Pope hat – which is quite vertical and very tiny at the end that goes on your head – she told him they wear pins in their hair – he said that the wind would blow it away and it wouldn’t be very warm….Philip Treacy is most definitely not about practicality – just beauty.
I’ll probably visit the exhibition a few more times before it ends in February – just to drool and imagine myself waltzing up O’Connell St in this...
(image placeholder)

Check out Philip Treacy’s site for Spring-Summer 2005. Winter 2005 is not up yet, but BTs have some lovely ones in which I am eying for the sales (unless anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present!) Also check out the new g hotel in Galway which he designed.


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