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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Constant Gardener....Not all rosy!

Went to see the Constant Gardener last night in the Savoy.
It's a very good film - incredible cinematography and Ralph Fiennes is fantastic.
It's based on John Le Carre's book and builds its story out of an English diplomat's marriage and into the commercial superworld of pharmaceutical companies. Its main point is that drug companies are unscrupulous villains who kill people and make "marriages of convenience with dead offspring".
I have a huge problem with this analysis as without drug companies all we would have is death. We need commercial interests to invest in research that ultimately leads to cures and improved quality of life for people everywhere. The message that drug companies are somehow responsible for MDRTB or AIDS or any other epidemic is lazy. The problem is with corrupt governments and sloppy development aid.
Tech Central Station have an interesting article on the film and this issues raised.


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