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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More on Vatican doc on homosexuality

From Open Book blog -
Here's what's missing: a complete explanation of the motivation for this Instruction: a closer look at the landscape of Catholic priesthood and religious life. Yes, the abuse crisis brought this to the fore, but the concerns have been there for a while, as well as the knowledge, but, for fear of a failure to be pastoral, lack of will, sympathy in the episcopal ranks, typical Catholic bureaucratic creep, as well as a simple desperation for male bodies to ordain have all worked to silence concerned voices. I guess that's over.

The bigger problem is that there seems to be a consistent connection between sympathy for the secular gay agenda and ethos and a disinterest or even antipathy to traditional Catholic teaching on sexuality and family, period. And we're not talking about little points of minutiae here: we're talking about the big picture, that big picture in which the relationship between male and female is an anaology for the relationship between God and humanity, and even a template for understanding creation, period. Disconnect from that, and you are slowly, but surely, disconnecting from Catholic Christianity as you depend on your own personal revelation, rather than the public revelation of Scripture and so on, to define your faith, and the faith which you are teaching, preaching, and being guided by in your pastoral ministry.



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