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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beware - using your iPod could kill your finger

From the Guardian
iPod finger is similar to the pain sometimes caused by excessive text messaging on mobile phones, or by playing videogames too vigorously. Users control their iPod by sliding a thumb around a touch-sensitive wheel on the front of the music players. Some patients have reported soreness in the hands, and in some cases even problems with moving their elbows and necks.

Apple refused to comment on the claims, but with millions of iPods having been sold around the world, and the pace of MP3 player sales increasing every week, experts are suggesting that buyers make sure they do not overuse their digits.

It's not really Apple's fault now, is it?
My trusty pink iPod is still going strong after nearly 2 years - despite the 40GB being pretty much full. I'm planning to upgrade to the 60GB but only when my one starts to die. The battery still lasts for 4-5 hours but for some reason it sometimes gives songs the wrong name.
The main thing, though, is that my fingers are fine. Maybe the secret is in using the remote. Or as Pat Kenny called it on the Late Late Toy Show, the "controller".



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