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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kevin Myers Revisited

I haven't been blogging much recently due to exams and family crisis (let's just say I've too much personal experience of the recent spate of family hostage taking robberies).

Kay Hymowitz writes excellent social commentary in City Journal and this article from the WSJ revisits the terrority that Kevin Myers got slated for. Hymowitz reports research into the mindset of young poor women who embrace teen motherhood. It seems to be a vital piece of research that need to be examined in light of the growing trend of teen motherhood both here and in the UK.

"According to the authors, motherhood promises an enduring human connection in a world where trusting relationships are rare, and it gives women a social role whose value is only heightened by their difficult circumstances. In the minds of female ghetto dwellers, 'the choice to have a child despite the obstacles that lie ahead is a compelling demonstration of a young woman's maturity and high moral stature.' Many say that the birth of their child persuaded them to give up drugs or to stop 'running the streets.'"


Blogger Bastiat said...

Hi Auds, sorry to hear that your family's been affected by the recent crimewave. Good luck in your exams, and I hope yourself and your gang will join us at the next FI party on the 27th (details on homepage)

May 19, 2005 1:40 p.m.  

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