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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday Business Post on High Flying Irish Women

They had some interesting things to say
GERARDINE JONES Joint managing director, Dolmen Butler Briscoe -
"Jones said working in what was once seen as a male bastion has 'just never been an issue'. She has 'no time whatsoever' for the view that there should be a certain quota of women on public boards. 'People should be onthe boards ofpublic companies if theyhave the skill and experience to be there, and for no other reason."
JOAN O'CONNOR Architect and project Manager
"Working in a male-dominated industry, O'Connor has described herself as “an honorary man'‘.
When she first started working as an architect on building sites, she used to tear down the pictures of page 3 girls on the canteen walls.
The pictures don't bother her anymore."


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